The unlabeled video tape. It's a mystery wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in a little plastic box. What is it? How old is it? Is it baby’s first steps? First day of school? Or 3 hours of some late night TV show? How do you view it? Your VCR is busted and your camcorder has seen better days.

Sound familiar? This is probably our number one customer issue, and we were committed to resolving it!

That’s why we created FreeView!  FreeView! is a way for you to preview the first 15-30 minutes of your video tapes with no charge to you at all! Simply send us your tapes (5 maximum) and we will transfer the first 15-30 minutes of your tapes to digital and allow you to view them online for 30 days. Free! After viewing, if you want to transfer some or all of the tapes, simply pay us our normal transfer price of $15.95 per tape for a digital transfer, and we will complete the full tape transfer and allow you to view and download it online. We can also make a DVD if you wish for an additional fee.

Think of it as a way of insuring that every transfer will be valuable to you!

Sound interesting? Check it out here.