Photos and Slides

You probably have hundreds of precious photos and slides tucked away in albums, drawers, or even in those old, circular slide carousels. Why keep those memories hidden? What if they were accidentally destroyed or lost forever to a fire or flood?
Let Your Memories Online transfer them to digital files that you can share with family and friends! We take your old photos or slides, clean and scan them, and deliver them to you as jpeg files on a data CD. The files can then easily be viewed, emailed and shared via numerous platforms, such as digital picture frames. You can also copy and archive them to various storage platforms like Google Drive. Finally, digital photo files can be printed out in a variety  of formats and make great gifts and keepsakes.


What kind of photos/slides do we transfer?

We transfer photo print-to-digital, 35mm slide-to-digital and 35mm film negative-to-digital packages. All print, slide and negative transfer services include conversion of black & white as well as color.

For photo print-to-digital packages, original photographic prints may range in size from 2 in. x 2.5 in. to 8.5 in. x 12 in. and must be free of any backing or mounting materials (original photographic paper only).  Please no Albums, Scrapbooks, or frames, etc.

So free your photos and slides from their hiding places and let Your Memories Online bring them back to life today!

Price is based per image:

Media Formats:

By default, all photo and slide transfers are delivered on data disc (CD or DVD). To order delivery on Flash Drive (thumbdrive, etc.) Please add (1) Flash Drive Media  to your cart.

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