Film Transfers

Why Transfer Your Film To Digital Format?

Think what a joy it would be to watch those old family 8mm or 16mm home movies that are sitting in your attic or garage! If you’re like most of us, you don’t even have a movie projector anymore, or if you do have one, the motor is broken or the bulb is burnt out. Even worse, you take a chance of damaging your film if it gets jammed in the projector.

The "Your Memories Online” Advantage

We use the best professional equipment in each stage of your film transfer project and splice and clean your footage for the best results. All of your work is processed at our in-house facility.

Our process captures each individual frame of your film to provide clear, jitter-free footage. We go the extra mile to edit out sections that are under exposed (all dark) or over exposed (all white). Finally, we apply color correction to bring out the best in your 8mm and 16mm film.

Your film transfer project can also be customized with music and titles. Please call us for details.

You’ll receive unmatched professional customer service at a reasonable price for your home movie transfer.

We can transfer the following types of film:

  • 8mm film transfer (silent and sound)
  • Super 8 film transfer (silent and sound)
  • 16mm (silent, optical and magnetic sound)
Film transfers are priced according to reel size diameter:
  • 3 inches = $9.95     (50 feet, 3-4 minutes)
  • 5 inches = $34.95   (200 feet, 12-14 minutes)
  • 6 inches = $49.95   (300 feet, 20-22 minutes)
  • 7 inches = $65.95   (400 feet, 26-29 minutes)

All film is transferred into a digital file. These files can then be viewed and downloaded from our safe and secure web space, and shared with friends and family members.

DVD Option:

Want a DVD? Just add the DVD option when ordering below, and we will transfer your film to as many 2-hour DVDs as required, for a one-time, additional fee of $9.95.  You can also burn your downloaded video file to a DVD yourself utilizing your own software. The choice is yours!

Important: If you want your film project transferred to a DVD set, you must add the DVD option to your cart when ordering. Please call us at: 888-600-0867 for ordering multiple DVD copies of the set.

Home Movies make wonderful gifts for family members. They’re also a good way to preserve your family history for your children and grandchildren — for the ages. The best part? Instead of sitting in an old shoe-box, your digitally transferred home movies are now available to all family members. Why not get started today?

    $ 9.95